Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heavy Faces - 17/30

my heart is heavy.
so many thoughts, feelings
compromised emotions, and forbidden fears have appeared
nestled itself at the forefront of my consciousness.
i have yet to make sense of it all.
i have yet to understand the
the heaviness of this
more than just weight and pain
upon, throughout, encompassing me,
i bleed.
i bleed.
i bleed publicly and no one cares to ask why.
no one cared,
and so i bled privately.
behind the public faces
behind the mask and walls, my strong face
behind myself,
i bleed.
pain courses through these veins
and now intercourse with my
their offspring is
fear is my companion, my best friend.
i fear all that was to give me support,
i fear the words of loved ones,
i fear, love.
i fear, myself.
and as much as i tell others and tell myself
i fear that i simply do not know the self which stares back at me.
who am i?
i am a ball of confusion
burning bright
burning, secretly
burning, steadily
no one wants to see. this.
no one wants the truth,
my truth.
and so i remain behind by facade
i keep hidden
so that the others will see and find solace
in the lies i have fashioned into their


  1. keep spillin what you feelin, I can dig it. Write on, write on

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  3. aww. powerful poem.. but ya know ya not alone :)
    doesn't count much cause i'm saying it, but us little peoples are still here for you, you just gotta remember us too (:
    love you!
    You should know - Yari