Friday, November 20, 2009


I'll always remember the time you touched my heart
No one has ever entered so deep so far
But then you pushed me to the limit made me to hurt
And I tried.
I try to forget you but I always remember the pain
Its you its all just you in me.
Don't want so much don't need you more
but I always remember
That I no longer receive your love.
Sad and empty, I cry. Desperate and alone, I cry.
Remember, I used to be just all yours...
I. Wanted.
Wanted you to be someone special,
wanted you to be someone pure
wanted you with understanding
wanted you to be more.
than a treat
than my heart
than something special...
I yearned for you to be all mine with no false securities
just wanted you to be you for me alone.
Irreplaceable feeling
Untraceable desires
Wanted pleasurable things with you
More than a dim lite fire.
You, me wanting, watching pausing waiting yearning earning needing each other.

goodbye, love

i know how to do it but i just don't love
the morning after walk of shames that leaves a shamed taste
on microscopic taste buds filled with your scent
a shamed taste on sweet lips guilty of truths never told of
hidden details behind a curtain to present
a present of mystery beneath the
ebb and flow
beneath the folds of this beautiful flower
budding with possibilities, capabilities of enthralling another
i grow towards the door every time i dream of the radiance of your sun
and envision dancing upon the embrace and deep currents
of your heart beating love rapid currents
fluttering our souls dear do we embark upon the seed of intention
with each passing flutter,
more real than the last,
more intoxicating to the touch,
more alive than before,
i cannot help but give in
how do we stop the start of yes when there isnt any no?
i know how to but i just dont love
walking away from your touch

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


joy has transformed into sorrow
my tears and bitterness fall
staining my cheeks washing away my smile.
you have left me empty once again.
no longer will i dream of spending quiet moments with you
no longer will i yearn for our souls to meet on that kindred plane
where nothing else remains
where there is no remnant of the implausible of doubt nor shame
for i see your truth
and it is barren.
like winter trees
like the woman with the issue of blood
barren yet continually pushing out her love and hope for another who is willing to see past her faults
past the hidden mistakes and secrets
and look into the possibility of a new creation.
i reached for you, for your heart, for a touch
only to be shunned once again.
for you,
pain was endured
for you,
hours of contractions one after another
this love
now i lie alone, staring into space eternal...