Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your Temple - 12/30

i want to touch you.
kiss you.
deeply. passionately.
feel your soul connect with mine
inter-course, inter-connect, intertwined in one another
coursing through this life of ours
as one.
i want to be held by you
feel your breath on the nape of my neck
gently pulsating to the rhythmic motions of my being.
ebb and flow
as our spirits meet and dance, greet and sing.
pull and push,
as we in silence communicate songs and visions of our ancestors and generations to come.
hold me.
allow me to lay on your heart
as we elevate to higher dimensions.
open your nostrils and accept me
bring me in to you
as i dance across your skin a warm, soft breeze.

Haiku - 11/30

My heart is searching
For a love that's truly mine.
Today, I am yours.