Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hopscotch - 10/30

you tire me
and i play.
in your state of confusion
your mind games entangle me.
complex webs,
chaos surrounds.
i no longer wish to be apart of your past-time entertainment.
stop, go, skip, jump, turn, jump here, jump there
you control me.
make attempts of fabricating me into a little you
your life-sized doll
for too long i allowed you to succeed.
like a horse attached to its bridle
i moved, spoke, thought at your every command.
i was what you wanted me to be.
engulfed in all aspects of you
i lost sight of myself.
thoughts of me faded into your abyss
and i
stuttered into a dismal state of nothing-ness.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haiku - 9/30

reaching for a touch
your spirit is a figment
in dreams you appear

Haiku - 8/30

today is your choice
now freedom or destruction
the future awaits

Stolen - 7/30

i have no feeling.
my tears are frozen
heart beats slow, heavy.
sitting, pondering, wondering
when will it be over?
when will this end?
incessantly being spoon-fed
your empty promises, and
pregnant lies,
i suffer.
spending energy and losing time
on useless efforts
trying to gain an understanding
on some common ground.
yet, only to lose my footing.
with each step forward you push me back
to the starting line
and away from you.
i once hoped for our starts to last forever
i once dreamed of never ending ends
i once yearned for our spirits constantly singing songs
but now this dance has been interrupted
halted, paused.
will this union be complete
or will your fear once again steal my rightful place and take its seat?
will you build more walls to keep me captured
knowing your lead is toward destruction?
or will you answer to the truth that knocks
pulls at heart strings?
Your answer is no for you fail to believe in us after all that's been done.

Haiku - 6/30

take my hand in yours
together we can be one
the future is ours

The Black House - 5/30

Peace and love personifies this dwelling
Allowing us to be arise to warm greetings,
Polite no's
Intoxicating yes's
Liberating I Love You's.
Peace treaty unnecessary because
Well wishes abound as
Fuzzy slippers march into love for breakfast
Mother father brother sister bow heads,
Spirits synced
Give thanks - thanks giving at all times
For even at adversity's door
There are songs of peace and light
Hymns of joy.
This family is free.

Touch - 4/30

Enter me.
Make me scream your name.
Breathe into me
Explore every facet of my hidden self
Every minute detail of that soft space
Every moist cavernous turn of
As artists we have
Possibilities of painting masterpieces
With our sweat
Artworks that the greats would be proud of
Breaths conjoined
Limbs intertwined
Strokes and thrusts
Two moving as one
Enjoying Loving Mesmerizing
More than lust filled sessions
This moment is beauty
Is freedom in natural form
Is what it was meant to be.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Haiku - 3/30

the streets reflect truth

violence love hate abound

yet aid is withheld

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deafening Silence - 2/30

desperate cries go unheard
un-cared for
no one cares. no one is present nor aware of this
mind locked in solitary confinement
pain doubt confusion lies
i. am. alone.
but no answer.
doesn't anyone hear me?
can't anyone feel me?
feel what i endure time and again after time
disconnected and ashamed,
i remain
and then i realize
it's all in my head.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Desolate - 1/30

i reached.
reached for your touch
hoping, yearning to touch more than your empty space.
for, i wanted to hold you close,
and say I Love You's,
whisper sweet somethings into your soul,
lay claim to your future ,
and call it ours.
but you never wanted to love
only use.
unknowingly, i fell into your labyrinth
the lies you crafted around my heart held me captive
with each uttered word and glance provoked
i danced, sung, cried for you
unable to free myself from your embrace.

energy gone.
spirit diminished.
soul broken.

there is nothing left but desperation
and a tear-soaked spirit questioning, why?
asking God, why?
but there was only silence.

and then...

you reached for me
gave me your body and heart
promised me your soul and future.
your love for me became
unequivocally true
but when i touched you
i felt